Among the clouds

“Thanks for making me a fighter”, X-tina

It is amazing how much things can turn around in a few days, or even just one day. After this weekend I was incredibly discouraged. I just thought that I’m just not cut out for this “hardcore” training stuff and I will just run the race and finish in under 2:30. I would still have a PR but I wouldn’t really have to work at this. I felt after the long run on the trail that my body just couldn’t handle the stress. Then I tried at 5 miles on HMP on Sunday…I only made it 5k and I was dead. I walked another mile just to gain mileage but I feel it wasn’t quality miles. My knees were shot. Even on Monday, I thought I am going to just have to take it easy and whatever happens happens because my knees were ON FIRE! I did all the right things though. The cherry juice, the chocolate milk, the icing every other 20 minutes, and I even bought some organic muscle relaxers at Earthfare. By Tuesday though things were looking up. 🙂

Tuesday, I decided to run 3 x 1 mile repeats because I feel that my weakness is holding a quicker pace for an extended period of time. 1 mile is more than 800 meters by 2 so why not start there? The RW plan for breaking 2:00 says to run these at an 8:20 pace so that’s what I did. I warmed up for a mile ran my miles and between each I jogged 1/2 mile at 10:00 pace. Then I cooled down for a mile. I’m not gonna lie, this was tough. I know my weakness and now I must strengthen it.

I bought new shoes yesterday and they were a Godsend! I couldn’t have asked for a better run. My legs didn’t even hurt during this run. The new cushioning really helps.

I had had a lot on my mind for the past few days, dealing with my broken-down knees and other stuff that life makes you dwell on so I really needed this good run. If nothing else I run to get my mind in a better place. People wonder why I’m so easy-going most of the time…this is why. It is a natural drug to keep your sanity. Really. Everyone should try it.

I was feeling great after this run so I packed a bag for my recovery run right after work today. I am so glad I did! It was 71 in Mt. Pleasant and what a wonderful run! My legs were contesting this run at first. They did not want to go and they hurt from the hard run yesterday. I hadn’t worn my new shoes either. I try to not wear them every run so that they don’t get too worn down. I think I will change this from now on. But, like always, once I made it up to a mile I was feeling no pain. It was wonderful weather and I passed so many runners on my path. I love that this is such a runner-friendly place. It makes it much easier to run, find places to run, and weather to run.

I have been running and training all on my own. No one that I have met here of yet is a runner. They have no interest in the world to go out there and sweat it out with me, so alone I am. Some people might think that this is lonely and I guess it could be if I let it be. I won’t lie. I envy my friends in JC who can go run with each other and motivate each other. Running alone is perfect for me when I am just running, but for training it would be great to have someone to push me past my comfort zone. I feel that sometimes I give up too easily. This is true of my tempo runs mostly. This is definitely the hardest for me…like I said, keeping the pace over an extended period of time which worries me considering that a half-marathon is 13.1 miles. I will push myself to my limit on that day. I just want to be prepared for that mentally, but mostly physically.


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