Fairytale Ending (Well Almost)

Ok so I just finished the Princess Half, which is what this whole blog was focused on so now it will be transformed since I will be running my 1st ever marathon in October! It is the Marine Corps Marathon so I can’t be having a Princess blog for that one 😉

I probably won’t start the intense training until June but until then I will try to keep at least one weekly run of 10 miles or more just so the mileage is not so hard on me come June (because it will be. I’ve already been warned). I also plan on completing a couple more half marathons this year to not only beat my personal best but to also make sure that I am in shape and keep up with all I need to be doing to prepare and train.

As for the Disney Princess Half, I was overall happy with my time. As you know I was going for under 2 hours so I fell short by 3 minutes. While running the half I was so concerned with finishing and saving my energy for later that I didn’t use it when I had it at the start. I know what my mistakes were and I will learn from them. If I don’t then what was it all for? I went out at a 8:20 pace, which is WAY fast for me…but it didn’t feel fast. It felt good. Like really good. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline or training but for what it’s worth – it worked. Then after I ran my 2nd mile around 8:30 I started getting nervous. I knew (thought) that if I kept up that pace I would die before the end so I started trying to slow it down. (This was my mistake.) I should have just went with the flow but I was trying to plan and be smart. I ran my 1st 4 miles under a 9:00 pace and my 5th right at 9:00. I was pumped and just knew that I was gonna make it but I kept trying to lower the pace so I could keep it up. In the end I realize that fighting with myself to slow down was the worst thing I could have done and I slowed too much. Live and learn. My next one will be there. I know it. (Unless I run some crazy hilly thing…not planning on it.)

I’m already excited for the marathon and it is sooo far away but if I keep up the excitement it should be one for the books. If I never do it again, I will be able to say I ran a marathon…

I am just amazed at what I can do already. Running is all about personal goals and records. You can’t compare yourself to everyone else out there running. You do it for yourself and not anyone else. I already beat my best by nearly 40 minutes! And it didn’t even feel like it took that long. I was just running along for 13.1 miles. Now a new adventure begins…Crazy…


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