Chasing those Snakes

I ran my 1st 10k on Saturday, Chasing Snakes. It was…interesting. I went out there hoping to run a 55 or 56. (Ran in 56:58…barely made it!) I didn’t know that the race was full of hills! Who decided to put all of those there?? I once again went out too fast. I’m gonna have to put a stop to this! Slower start is definitely my goal at the moment. I think that is the only way I will make it to my time goals.

I have to admit that my competitive nature is getting the best of me lately. I don’t like being the slowest one of all my running buddies..but I guess that just means I will get faster when I run with them. (I do have to say they are some of the fastest women in JC.) I have been getting down because of not making the goals I am setting for myself. Maybe I am reaching too far…I don’t know. I know that to get faster it takes dedication, mileage, and speedwork. I have made each of these a special place in my weekly routines.

Then again, I feel lucky that I can run. Just today while running I passed a man getting out of his car with a walker. Not an older man either. I was just thankful that my legs were pumping away (even if they do hurt sometimes). I could just as easily be in that position. I also saw a video that someone had posted on facebook of a man running marathons and an Ironman with his son. Watch the video that is now on my page and you will appreciate what you have too.

Love and happiness to all!


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