Sometimes you’re the windshield (or the face of a runner)

Life can hit hard sometimes…yet be so gentle with us at others. As I said before, I had a delightful time running the Scream Half in July. Not so much for the Bluegrass Half on Sunday. It was painfully obvious that I don’t like running hills and they don’t like me.

I have never wanted to quit a race so badly as I did during this one. It has really messed with my confidence. I, honestly, thought that I would be able to run in it in under 2 hours with my current fitness level – WRONG. I haven’t been doing speedwork of any kind and I think that has really hurt me in the “speed” department. I had a friend do the relay on a team called “Fast for Turtles”. Ha! I could so be classified there. I’m faster than people who don’t run on a regular basis but much slower than my friends who run all the time. Oh well, it’s ok…Never gonna win anyway, right?

I have set my sights on this marathon now. We are down to less that 5 weeks to go. Training has been harder than anything else I have ever done in my life. It’s not necessarily the running that’s hard. It’s more like trying to find the time to run. Fitting in a 3 hour run isn’t easy, especially when all you want to do is sleep. Yes, it wears you out. As if that were ever a question.

I find myself being thankful more and more though regardless of how I run. I am constantly reminded of just how blessed I am. First of all, I was working in a classroom learning about Columbus and just started thinking about how odd it is that I was born in America and not somewhere else. How come I wasn’t born in Africa or India or Honduras? Maybe this is me learning more and more about mission work and about how much these people lack compared to what we all take so much advantage of on a daily basis. I know this has nothing to do with running but just wanted to add some food for thought.

Happy Running!


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