Should I tri?

With a marathon under my belt I feel that I have succeeded as a runner. I have run the great race and I ran it well (for me). As I am sitting here without another race to look forward to I feel a little lost. I am one of those people who always need a goal to keep going, a next adventure, so to speak. With that being said, my focus in the coming year will be improving my times. I have been running long enough that I should be getting faster, especially with my 5ks. I just have no tolerance for speedwork. It makes me mad…unless I am on a treadmill. On the treadmill I have no choice but to go as fast as the belt moves. It makes my legs move and I’m ok with it. (I’m also all alone.) I could go to speedwork with the Foot Rx group…but almost everyone is faster than me and I feel like a doof. I consider myself more of an endurance runner than one built for speed. So anyway, that is one goal. My other goal is to race my first triathalon!

This will be a feat considering I will have to conquer not 1 but 2 new sports…swimming and cycling. I will also have to buy a bike and all gear that is required for that. I will start off easy with a sprint tri. No need to jump into an Ironman. Not sure I’m cut out for that anyway (especially with all the training required). I suppose I will have to take a swimming class. I took lessons when I was young but that won’t really get me that far. I’m not really sure when I will start all of this. It’s just something I have in the works in my head.

I am super pumped about now being a member of the State of Franklin Track Club. I got my card in the mail the other day and I was so excited! Oh the things that excite runners! This was a step that I took to become more dedicated. I am the first one to admit that I tend to become way too relaxed during the off season. So here’s to getting up and getting going more often, becoming faster, and conquering a new adventure. These are my running resolutions for 2012. If you know me, then motivate me and push me. Jamie Mains, I know you will!