Getting with it

Tonight I ran 5 miles in the pouring ran with temps in the 40s…And it felt great! I really really really dreaded going but I had Thursday night off, which is FootRx group run night. I had planned on going since my schedule came out. It’s not often that I get the chance to go so when I do I am super stoked. Then the rain started. I decided that I was not going to go and instead I was just going to do a workout video or something (inside). Then about 5:10 rolled around. I got motivated and got dressed. I’m going!

I got so into the run that I went straight where I was supposed to turn right. Ha! It was dark and my first time back in a while, in my defense. What’s funny is that I was just relishing in how good the run was feeling and how happy I was that I was there. Then suddenly I hear my name being called. Thankfully, Debi and Hannah saw me before I had gone too far off course.

I am now trying to get back into my training. I have taken too long of a break and now it’s time for some improvement. So far this week of running has went great. I did an easy run on Tuesday, 10 x 400s yesterday (fast for me going from 7.4 to 8.3 on the treadmill increasing each interval), and ran a nice half marathon pace today at group.

I was inspired by Desiree Davila after reading the article about her in Runner’s World. If you are unfamiliar with her, she was the 2nd female and 1st American female to finish Boston last year in 2:22:38, setting a record for the fastest time an American female has ever ran Boston. And get this – she is only 5’2″!! I love this! I have always used the excuse that I am too short to run fast. Well, Desi is proving me wrong. She has been an underdog for her entire career. She competed in cross-country through high school and college but was never in that top spot…always right behind someone else, someone better. She has spend 6-7 years since college to be where she is right now and I’d say she’s right where she needs to be. So this weekend for the Olympic trials, I will be rooting for the underdog…well, her and Kara Goucher. Gotta give that classy lady some love too!

I almost forgot! I am now part of Team Tough Chik! I’m so excited to see what this has in store for me! Visit to see the cool products and to get an idea of what they are.


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