Make my heart beat faster!

I just got back from a 9 miler with a great friend.  I felt myself wanting to slack today and not run so I texted her early and asked if she wanted to do LSD (Long Slow Distance, my friends).  She said “Yeah buddy!” so off we went.  We ended up going faster than I had anticipated with an average of 9:38 pace.  I usually do my long runs at about a 10 so maybe I’m improving or maybe I just need her to make me push it a bit.  We ran a hard course (part of the Bluegrass Half Marathon).  I am happy with our overall time although I know for a Boston-Bound girl that’s at the low end of the training plan.  She could have ran a lot faster!

I am pleased with my training this week. Even though I didn’t get in all the workouts I wanted to, I made the ones I did get in count.  I got to go to Foot Rx group run again this week! Wahoo!  We are on a streak!  Thanks to my boss for giving me these Thursdays off.  I need them for my sanity sometimes.  Jamie ran with me this week.  We planned on going 9:00 pace for the 5 mile loop but ended up with an 8:36 pace. Wha?!  I don’t run this fast.  Something must be wrong with my watch…and hers.  I am loving the results I am getting with my training and I strongly believe training partners help so much too.  I plan on continuing this streak of getting faster.  It feels good and gives me more confidence in all facets of my life.

I was asked to give one word to describe my training this week for Team Tough Chik.  I chose “revealing” because every time I run I find out more about myself, what I am capable of, and how to handle life in general.  Run Happy!


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