Runners and their Knees

It’s Thursday!  I really want to go to group run tonight but my left knee has been acting funky.  I haven’t ran since Sunday’s 9 miler.

I took Monday off from running, as usual, and did a Pilates Core video instead.

Tuesday, I hopped on the treadmill before work and it was like I was the Tin Man.  My knee would just not cooperate.  I was hobbling along….it was not pretty.  I slowed my pace hoping that would make it easier.  It did not.  The only thing that made it easier was when I slowed to a walk.  I had started out at a 6.0 and ended up at a 4.0 after only 1/2 a mile.  Ugh.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I thought I would give it a rest, that maybe that’s just what my body needed.  But I was still tempted to test out the knee…soooo I ran to my mailbox and back.  It felt like someone was stabbing my kneecap!  What tha crap?!

I am in no way a medical professional able to diagnose myself but that never stops any of us does it?  From reading what I have on I think I have a case of “runner’s knee”…go figure.

Have any of you experienced this before??  What helped and what prevented it?  Thanks for the input!

Happy Running!


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