You may be knocked down but not out forever – tobyMac "Get Back Up"

I had quite the run last night.  It was group run night so I had to jet over to Foot Rx by 5:30.  I wasted time getting ready so I was running late.  Then, I blamed being late on every single car/truck/van I got behind on my way there.  I was livid when I arrived.  I may be a quiet girl but I can get mad road rage.

I pulled up as everyone was outside getting ready to run.  I ran up to meet them, still aggravated about the traffic.  I had planned on trying to run a pretty decent pace considering last week but not knowing if I could because my knee had been giving me the trouble it had this week. When I took off my knee felt fine.  I thought I am going to run this out!  Then…less than a quarter of a mile into it, I fell.  I don’t mean I tripped and kept on going.  I FELL, as in near face plant, in the road no less.  It was painful, embarrassing, stunning, and humbling.  Someone helped me up as soon as I fell so I wasn’t there long but I have some pretty gnarly road rash in my shoulder and knee to show for it.  Plenty of friends stopped to ask if I was ok and check on me.  Heck, some even came back from in front of me.  This kindness is why I love my running group and brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.  If you need some running friends come to FootRx on Thursdays at 5:30, you will find some 🙂  I will admit it was so tempting to go back to the store and not run the 5 mile loop.  I had just begun and knew I was going to hurt.  BUT, I wanted to run.  I had come to run and knew that if I didn’t I would feel worse than if I did.  I caught my breath from the fall and ran on.  I didn’t run slow either.  I kept up my pace.  I didn’t want anyone to pity me but it also felt great to be able to run knowing that I could have really hurt myself.  Running is where I clear my head.

In the moment that I fell and was laying on the road, God humbled me.  I didn’t need to be griping about the traffic, especially when I could have left earlier.  I know what is important in life but sometimes I lose my focus.  As funny as it sounds, I’m glad I fell.  I needed that.

I finished the 5 mile run at an 8:52 pace which is pretty good for me considering my knee and the fall that happened.  I am planning on running a 10k tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will get a new PR! We shall see!

Happy Running!


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