Can I still call this blog just keep running?

“If we did everything we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison

As I prepare to run my sixth half-marathon next Saturday I have been thinking about how differently I have been training for this one and how much faster my training runs have been.  I have been running 8:30s without even trying.  This time last year I could barely run and keep a 9:00 (which was the pace I was going for in Disney).  Now I am sure the speed has come from experience and from running with faster runners.  Sometimes the pressure to keep up makes me anxious but other times it motivates me.  I enjoy learning to push myself, even though it hurts.  I like knowing what my body can do.

I will be running the Downhill @ Dawn in Ridgecrest, NC.  Per the name, it is a downhill race.  These are my favorite.  The Scream last year was good to me and I’m hoping this one will like me just as much.  I ran a 1:53 at The Scream last July.  I would really like to beat that time.  A 1:50 would be great for the books.  I know it doesn’t completely count because of the net downhill but it will feel good anyway. 

In addition to running I have also been doing Masters Swim class.  It is at 6:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It is extremely rare that I make it to all three classes in one week.  That is really early to get up!  But when I do make it, I am happy that I got up.  I feel like I am learning so much.  I can’t believe that I can swim the lanes back and forth now like I know what I’m doing.  ha!  I’m still struggling with my stamina (lasting longer without breaks) but I know that it will come with time and practice.  The breathing absolutely has to be the hardest thing.  The motion of actually swimming I can do.  I just get so out of breath because I am having trouble with timing my breathing. 

I also finally took the leap and bought a bike!  It’s not here yet.  I had to order it but I cannot wait to get on that thing and discover my newest form of stress relief.  There is no doubt in my mind that it will be hard but, like all things, with hard work and determination it can be conquered…or at least survived…     


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