HR Zone Training. You do? You don’t?

Four weeks (long runs) into this marathon training.  I feel that it is time for a new blog.  Anyone who was around for my last marathon training knows how I struggled with finding motivation…and that was right at the beginning when it was 90* outside.  Now, it’s a balmy 20-30* average and I have not skipped any of my long runs.  Yay!!  Mini-wins, right?  Not that I love the frigid air.  I don’t.  It is miserable.  My asthma seems to be creeping back in on me with this “chill”. 

My 9 mile run yesterday was, how shall I say this, not enjoyable.  I felt like a fat kid trying to get to the top of the hill.  I. could. not. breathe.  My chest and lungs hurt.  My brain was fighting me.  My knee was protesting, as well.  It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run.  Just last week I ran a faster 12 miles on my own and I was fine as froggy hair.  I think it was a combination of the cold air and running with others faster than me.  I push myself harder than I should.  I know that I’m not as fast but yet I fight so very hard to keep up.  Why?  We won’t be running the race together…I know that.  They know that.  We all know that.

Soooo, here’s my plan.  I want to start heart rate zone training.  Rather than feeling like my lungs and heart will burst at any minute, I will train my body to run in that zone where I can run forever.  I know that it will be frustrating at times and that I will majorly slow down at first buuuttt I hope that by the time Big Sur rolls around I will be fully capable of completing that marathon and completing it within a decent amount of time because I won’t have killed myself at the start.

I, also, don’t want to end up hating training.  I don’t want to lose my motivation.  I have been doing ok so far and cannot put so much pressure on myself that I dread running.  I run because I feel free when I do it.  I don’t do it to punish myself.  I can’t let it get to that point again.

Therefore, I ask you, my readers, whomever you may be…what are your thoughts on zone training?  Have you tried it?  Did you like it?  Pros/cons? 

Run happy, my friends!


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