Today was a good day.

DISCLAIMER:  I’m getting ready to pour my heart out…

First of all it was the 2 year “runniversary” (a term we coined for the occasion) of the first race I ran with my run buds-Disney Princess Half (I was Cinderella).  Time to celebrate!  So I ran 13.1 miles. 🙂  I felt great!  The ole knee was a little tight but nothing like it was two weeks ago.

On an unrelated note, I was reminded repeatedly of how blessed I really am after feeling a little down and stressed out this week.  

Then I was at Walgreen’s.  I saw a lady in a wheelchair.  She appeared to have Huntington’s disease.

I felt so guilty and so selfish for feeling sorry for myself.  How lucky am I that I can run?  Much less a marathon in one of the most beautiful places in America?  How blessed am I that I can communicate with others?

Then, on my way to church today, I watched two homeless people cross the street while I waited at a stoplight.  I cried.  But, I’m a crier.  Once again, how lucky am I? 

Redeemer Community is amazing.  I cannot express the uplifting feeling that I get inside that place when we are all singing and praising in unison.  I cried there, too.  Tears of happiness that I am here now.  That my life is good.  Better than most could ever hope for.  Better than I should ever expect.

Then I ran my miles.  I didn’t want to at first.  I stopped to get gas.  When I got out the wind almost knocked me over.  My first thought was Great.  I will be the first to admit, friends, I am a fair weather runner.  You know that saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only soft people.”?  I’m one of those people.  But I’m trying!  I ran today and it was fan-tab-u-lous!!  The weather was perfect and I felt wonderful.  I ran on this bike path in the next town over.  Just a few months ago this path had flooded so this was the first time I was able to run there in a long while.  I had missed it.  It is one of my favorite places to run because I feel so nature-y.

So, today, be happy with what you have.  All that you have.  Even it’s not what society expects of you, be grateful.

So let hope rise and darkness tremble…


3 Things Thursday!

    1. I love to feeling of running downhill!  I ran outside tonight for the first time in almost a month…and it was amazing!  The temps were perfect at right around 50 degrees, my knee felt great, and I ran faster than I have since January 3rd which was only a 3 mile run.  Tonight I did 5! 

      2. I got evaluated at school today.  I’m a 1st grade teacher and our evaluations put us through the rigors.  I needed that release of running after the stress of the day.

        3. I just hit 50 likes on my facebook page!! Wahoo!!  Thank you thank you!!  If you like my page, please share me 🙂

          The neverending search for the perfect shoes

          Friends, I need help.  My favorite shoes of all time were my Ravenna 2s.  Theeennnn, they Brooks decided to change it all up for the 3 (which give me a blister every time I wear them).  Why, oh why, mess with what was my perfect running shoe?  I bought a pair of Mizunos hoping they could come close to my 2s.  They didn’t.  I am feverishly patiently waiting to try on the 4 model when they arrive to my local running store (they should get there this month), hoping upon hope that they will be closer to the 2.

          I also have a pair of Newtons that I wear on shorter runs.  They are too much work for me to wear on the long ones for marathon training.  I love my Newtons, too.  No blisters there and I feel like they are the perfect fit for my narrow foot.  They gave me my brand-new form and took me away from being a heel-striker.  For that, I will forever be grateful to the Gravity shoe. 

          So, my question is…what do you wear?  What shoes do you like?   

          Big wheel keep on turnin’

          Ah, the marathon.  It is a beast.  The race itself is a beast, but the training is an even bigger beast, in my opinion.  The beast that seems to get me every time.

          And so it goes, I’m injured, once again.  Not sure what exactly it is but taking some time off of my legs to recover.  I am doing my “runs” in the pool.  Pool running I have found to be pretty easy to get used to.  It’s basically just like it sounds…running in the pool.  I get to wear this awesome floaty belt that keeps me from going under water as I pedal back and forth.   

          Be jealous.  I’m about to become a style icon.

          It can become quite boring for an hour and twenty minutes in the pool.  I’m not cool enough to have a) a hat b) iPod shuffle or c) a waterproof mp3 player, which would all three help me pass the time with music (my savior on most long runs).  So here I go, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, you get the picture.  I had my thoughts to keep my company but sometimes that can be dangerous.  I started thinking, what if I can’t run anymore.  My world, as I know it, will be changed forever.  Will the runners still be my friends?  I won’t get to go on fun race weekend trips.  I won’t get my stress release of the day.  I need that.  What would I do?  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

          So, I keep going.  I started making up songs.  50 minutes to go, oh yeah, 50. Yeah, 50 minutes to go.  Being a first-grade teacher, one learns how to make up songs about anything.  Then, I started jamming to Proud Mary in my head.   “Big wheel keep on turnin’.  Proud Mary keep on burnin’.  Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river. do do do do do do do doodo dododo!”  Oh my.  I did pass the time though!

          On the docket was a 14 miler for today so I knew that I needed to make up that time in the water or by some other method of moving my legs.  I decided after an hour and twenty minutes in the water I needed to get out for my sanity.  I got on the treadmill to walk.  I walked hills because that’s what I’m training for…Big Sur.  One big giant, massive hill after another.  I got 3.8 miles in an hour.  No need to set any records here.  I’m just wanting to heal…

          And now, Proud Mary for your enjoyment 🙂