The neverending search for the perfect shoes

Friends, I need help.  My favorite shoes of all time were my Ravenna 2s.  Theeennnn, they Brooks decided to change it all up for the 3 (which give me a blister every time I wear them).  Why, oh why, mess with what was my perfect running shoe?  I bought a pair of Mizunos hoping they could come close to my 2s.  They didn’t.  I am feverishly patiently waiting to try on the 4 model when they arrive to my local running store (they should get there this month), hoping upon hope that they will be closer to the 2.

I also have a pair of Newtons that I wear on shorter runs.  They are too much work for me to wear on the long ones for marathon training.  I love my Newtons, too.  No blisters there and I feel like they are the perfect fit for my narrow foot.  They gave me my brand-new form and took me away from being a heel-striker.  For that, I will forever be grateful to the Gravity shoe. 

So, my question is…what do you wear?  What shoes do you like?   


2 thoughts on “The neverending search for the perfect shoes

  1. The toe box on the Ravenna 3s is too narrow. Blistering my feet too! My local run store put me in a pair of Adrenaline 3s now and I like those. They are heavier than the Ravennas but no blisters! Wider toe box. Give them a try if the Ravenna 4s don't work.

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