Why Do I Run?

Many people ask, “Why do you run?” or “Why do you run so far?”  This is a question I have difficulty answering and/or defending in mere words.  When I hit mile 19 of my 20 miler Saturday “free fallin'” by Tom Petty came on Pandora and as I was singing the chorus out loud, (yes, I said out loud) I wanted everyone to know that experience.  I knew that I was going to finish that 20 miler and it was a good feeling. 

I run for me.

I run because it helps me let go. 

I run to forget the day.  I, like many people, have a stressful job.  It is one that I often take home with me…maybe not physically, but mentally, I can’t leave and just forget about the situations of those kiddos and the great responsibility I have been handed in leading them.
I run for a sense of accomplishment.  Yep, I said it.  I make myself proud.

I run to reflect.  I reflect on my life.  On choices I’ve made.  On unanswered prayers.  I take time to thank God for not granting me those things that I once wanted so badly and instead giving me more than I could have ever created on my own.

I run because at the end of a long or hard workout I feel strong.  In life, running makes me feel stronger than I ever imagined I could be. 

I run to see just how far and how fast I can go.  Every time I go farther and faster than I ever have, I surprise myself.  I feel blessed.  Blessed to have such an able body.  Blessed to be able to run.  I am certainly not the fastest of runners, but I am thankful for what I have been given…because it is enough.

I run because it teaches me to just keep going, especially when it hurts. 

I run because there is nothing more soul-cleansing than a summer run in the rain.
My favorite kind of run.

I hope that this compilation can put into words the feeling of my run. 
Tell me, why do you run?

Please enjoy Tom Petty, my friends, and run happy!


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Run?

  1. I love free falling! It's such a great running song! I run just to zone out from the day. While I'm running I don't think about anything at all besides the run, my training, my future running plans, etc. I only think about running and I wouldn't have it any other way! 🙂

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