They can’t all be good runs

No matter how my run went, I am thankful for these legs that allow me to run many miles.

Today was supposed to be a 20 mile run.  Here is what really happened…

At mile 2, I was having a hard time breathing because it was hot.  We have had an unseasonably long winter here in East Tennessee and my body has not acclimated to the 70s yet.

At mile 7, I sat down on the sidewalk to perform myofacial release on my own knee…oh yeah, and move the muscle back where it goes.  It kept slipping over. 

At mile 10, I wanted to quit.  I was miserable.  Going slower than I ever have. 

At mile 13, I went on search of Body Glide, Vaseline, anything for my arm chafing.  Apparently, CrossFit has beasted my biceps so they kept rubbing.  (hehe) Of course, everthing was closed but I ran into a dear friend who supplied that Vaseline for me 🙂  Thank you!

At mile 15.5 , I quit.  I was feeling awful and in pain.  I mean, really hurting. I talked to my fellow Big Sur runner,  who had just ran 24 miles (while shopping for Tart Cherry Juice for the pain) and she told me to go back out there and finish it…so I did, on the verge of tears, partly because I was disappointed in myself for not finishing and going “so slow”, and partly because I was dreading making my legs move one more step, let alone 4.5 more miles, I drove to another park close by because I needed a change of scenery to finish.   

At mile 0-0.6, I ran around the little island dodging every breed of dog possible. 

At mile 0.8, I decided to run out of the park onto the road…so I didn’t have to dodge dogs and worry about them biting me.  I ran by the boat ramps and up this gigantic hill and back down.

At mile 3, I quit.  Again.  I knew that I was going to hurt myself it I went any further so I quit.  I really want to be able to run in 3 weeks when I have Big Sur to tackle. 

Some days, you just have to know when enough is enough.  I was having a bad day.  It was hurting my body.  It was hurting my confidence.  So I packed it up and headed home.  And I’m ok with that.  The end.

Have you ever had to cut a run short?  Why?


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