The most funnest run ever!

Yesterday, I had the most fun running I can remember in a long time…you see, I got the opportunity to run with my 19 first graders.  It was Explorer Expedition “Walk-A-Thon”, our school’s fundraiser.  Only my kiddos aren’t walkers…they are RUNNERS.  I have one of the most energetic classes in our school.  Usually I get upset with them when they run (inside the school), but yesterday, I could let them run and see their faces light up while doing it.  And, to make it better, I got to run with them!  How awesome that I could share my love of running with them?! 

We ran as fast as we could without abandon and with huge smiles on our faces, laughing the whole time and screaming and wooing.  Some of them wanted to race me. We would sprint in the straightaways.  I loved seeing the surprise on their little faces when they realized that I would actually race them. It makes my heart smile. No one was worried about time, distance, or pace.  We were just running.  It was amazing to see running from a child’s point of view. 

Too often we forget to have fun with the run.  We all want a better time, a longer distance, or to beat a foe, which are all great goals to have, but we mustn’t forget to enjoy it.  Don’t let your goals consume you.  They will come with experience and training.  I am guilty of letting myself become so caught up in wanting to get faster that I get frustrasted with my runs, with myself, and with my body.  I try to rush into things and get hurt, whether it be physically or emotionally.

What about you?  How do you make sure you enjoy your runs?


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