It hurts when I pull my hamstring

Too much, too soon.

We’ve all heard these words murmured as runners.  Some have said it themselves, while others have not yet experienced this awful reality.

This running injury is driving me nuts!! First I was told that I had tendinitis, now I’m told that I have pulled my hamstring… (right before running a half marathon relay.)

pulled hamstring

I had been hurting since my epic 5 mile run on last Saturday but I thought it was just “long run” soreness.  It’s normal.  After all, this was my longest run in a long time.

But apparently, it was “too much, too soon”.  I didn’t follow the running rehab rules:

I didn’t build up slowly.

I didn’t only add 10% to my longest run.

I didn’t run at an “easy” pace.

I didn’t stop when it hurt.

It’s time that I start following advice that I give others.

I was leading our relay team yesterday.  I didn’t run as fast as I am capable.  I actually wanted to quit before I reached the point of passing it off.  The only thing that kept me going was these girls.  I knew they were depending on me.  I was the one who invited them to run and I didn’t want to let them down.  Had it not been for them, I would have had my first DNF but my team was inspiring me for 4 miles (the longest 4 miles of my life).  They pushed me through it and for that I am thankful.  (Courtney, Jess, and Keisha – Thank you for the opportunity and being wonderful and understanding!)

(See photo below – courtesy of Courtney).  Aren’t those awesome shirts and lovely ladies?     relay

I fully believe that there is no sense in continuing to run on an injury.  I respect all of the ladies I have seen listen to their bodies and not finish or start races that they had been training for. So for me, it’s time to refresh and reboot.  I have to learn patience and learn that that‘s part of determination.  I’m going to work with my CrossFit coaches on upper body strength and spin and elliptical (can that be a verb?) at the gym until I can start rebuilding.

What injuries have plagued you?

What’s your best advice for injured runners or athletes?

How do you remind yourself to take it easy?


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