wet pants in church

This morning I was driving to church with my friend, when I decided I wanted to take a picture of this MLK graffiti on a building downtown for tomorrow.  I don’t know why but it seemed important to me.  We were at a red light so I wasn’t doing this while moving.  So, I zoom in to get a good pic of this:


Pretty cool, right?  Well, I thought so until the light turned green immediately and I hit the gas.  As I did, my coffee between my legs spilled almost completely in my lap.  Ahhhh!! It was hot.  It was wet.  I was mad…and embarrassed.  I did not want to go into church like that.  My pants were wet!  People were going to think I peed on myself, which is irrational, but anyway.  This was my thought process.

I realized I had fretted about what to wear to church that morning as I often do.  I was actually going to wear a t-shirt with a cardigan but I thought it wasn’t “nice” enough, like I wasn’t giving enough reverence to God or something, so I wore a sweater instead.

I was being silly.  I went inside and I praised Him.  I had to get over myself and laugh about it.  God doesn’t care about what I’m wearing when I worship.

Interestingly enough, the sermon was about making ourselves weak so that we may reveal our brokenness  and others will grow to know Him.  Oh, how I was blessed by today’s sermon and worship.  Y’all know I love me some worshipping!

I am so glad I didn’t go home because of the wet pants.  I would have missed this:

“We love You, Lord.  We worship You.  You alone are God.  You alone are good.” and seeing hands raised in praise as I, too, was overcome with joy of Our Father.

savior king


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