why I quit the gym

For a little time last year, I was a member of a gym.  I joined for the pool.  I was training for a marathon and had gotten injured.  I needed a pool to continue my endurance training.
Did a pool keep me at my current fitness level? No.  Did a building full of equipment keep me at peak fitness?  No.  Did I enjoy my time at the gym?  Again.  No.
why i quit
So, let’s go through the reasons why working out at home is the bomb.

1.  Money – The gym was costing me too much money. I was paying $50 a month and not getting anything for it.  Yeah, I had access to all these machines and weights but I didn’t know how to use them.  I didn’t have a plan.  I wasn’t motivated.  There was no end in sight.

-With my home workouts, I have a plan.  I know what workout to do and when.  I have personal access to some of the nation’s top trainers.  Why on earth would I hire a trainer here?

2.  Time – The gym is 20 minutes away from home and not on my way home from work. That’s 40 minutes of my day wasted.  In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”  Oh, and to top it off, the gym closed at 5pm on the weekends.  What tha??  I mean, I don’t know about y’all but sometimes I need to go later in the day.

– I can workout at home, anytime I want, and save 40 minutes a day!  That adds up when you work a full-time job, a part-time job, and are trying to start your own business.

3. Support – I was intimidated to use the machines and free weights. All of the cardio machines faced the weight area. I was always so paranoid that everyone behind me was criticizing my form while I was lifting or on the machines.

-Well, in my own home, no one can see what the heck I’m doing.  I can dance around when my favorite song comes on and no one would know.  Plus, I have all my online friends to encourage me.


So, in short, I am very, very happy I quit the gym.  Not only am I in better shape, but I am happier and have more money.  🙂  And that’s always a good thing.

What about you?  Are you a gym-goer?

What do you like about it?  What don’t you like?




17 thoughts on “why I quit the gym

  1. I am a gym goer! I like access to the weights because I love weight training! I love to try new exercises and moves and I just don’t have the equipment to do that at home.

  2. I was a gym gal for years in my late 20’s and mid 30’s…I was very dedicated, but used it for the treadmills, classes and when I did use the machines/weights I needed help and guidance, then still felt “awkward” using them. Now in my late 40’s I am just about learning to love myself and body. I am aging and still just trying to maintain a healthy inside and outside, while fighting a slower metab. {as we age, it gets harder} and I am working on more of my running. 🙂

  3. I belonged to a gym, once. I hated working out in front of others! I love working out at home, my own weights, my own treadmill and my own fitness DVD’s to have my own plan of action! No waiting for machines to be open or time limits, it’s my time! Thanks Niki!

  4. Crud, my first comment got booted😟but I love the gym. It is me time and though I have stuff at home I have never cared much for DVDS. Part of working out is creating a routine and the focus to execute it. I find it better in a gym. It is 9miles away so I do not like that part. For 13 years I worked at a gym so I didn’t pay. Now 2 years and a move i hate paying for it so I feel you that!

  5. Well done!! I’m a gym goer tho 🙂 At the end of the day just need to do what works for you. I will still do workouts for home when the gym is close (ie public holidays etc) so its do-able 🙂

  6. I love the gym but I used to hate it. To clarify- I love my current gym and hated my old one. I’m terrible about working out at home. I’m all “2 sets is fine” at home but at the gym I do the whole workout. Plus I love the options of group fitness, yoga, cardio machines, and free weights. I used to be intimidated by the big guys in the weight room but now I’m just “yep- me and the big dudes, all ignoring each other”.

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