things i miss about running

So, I think, I am retired from running.  I know all you runners are gasping at this and trust me, it’s not an easy thing for me to say.  I have actually been considering it for a while now.  Ever since I injured another part of my body while my torn hamstring was healing.  Don’t worry, these were not my only injuries ever as a runner.

Truth is, running is hard.  It takes a lot out of your body, especially long-distance running, which was my preferred method.  I’m sad.  There are so many things I will miss.

things i miss

  1. Exploring the city on foot
  2. The feeling of accomplishment as I top a hill
  3. Crossing a finish line
  4. Being one with nature
  5. Seeing how far and fast I could go
  6. Jamming to my playlist
  7. Making up a new playlist
  8. Runner’s High
  9. Reflection
  10. Running in a summer rain

Some of these things I can experience by walking around or hiking.  I plan on doing a lot of hiking now.  That is something I never would have done before because I was so concerned about getting my run in, but now, I have all the time in the world.  It’s kind of weird to think that.  I started running when I was 26 and I am retiring 5 years later.  I don’t want to, but my body does.  I have to listen to my body.  It’s not worth not being able to walk when I am older.

Have you had to hang up your running shoes?  What would you miss if you did?


8 thoughts on “things i miss about running

  1. I had a co-worker who once “retired from running” for the same reasons. She was in her 50’s and her knees were constantly bugging her. A couple years later, I found out she was back and running again! She said she had needed a break but couldn’t give it up completely. I think we all need a break sometimes…for some, it’s a permanent one, and for others, just for a couple weeks, months, or even years…

  2. Sad to hear you won’t be running anymore. It is wise to listen to your body. Hopefully you get a long break to rest and explore hiking and will find your way back! I would miss the feeling of accomplishment, the runner’s high, feeling strong, and knowing i can do anything I set my mind to!

  3. I am so glad I read this blog yesterday. I completely understand what you are feeling. I have retired from running several times. My body feels broken, my motivation is crushed, and I just need the couch. Alas, the shoes and the trails have called me back every time.

    I wrote this in 2012

    And yet, I still go back to running. I have taken long breaks (months) which have killed my speed and endurance and pants size. But, I can always go back. And so can you. Or not. Your body, not the world, has to be the judge of what is best for itself.

    Praying for you! Please reach out if you need anything.


  4. I think sometimes the hardest thing to do is listen to your body. I would absolutely miss all those things too but I think hiking will be a great alternative for you, it doesn’t get better than being one with nature like that. I went for a trail/hike today and I could have stayed in the woods wandering and exploring all day…so relaxing and such a great way to decompress!

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