unanswered prayers

unanswered prayers

I thank God every day that my ex-boyfriend and I never got married.  That was 5 years ago and I can’t imagine where I’d be if we did.  I can only think lonely, depressed, and unhealthy.

So, sometimes He says, in His infinite wisdom, “No.”  We may be hurt and cry and pout but, in the end, we thank Him, because like an earthly father he is acting in our best interest, even when we think He’s being unfair.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the saying – God has 3 answers for our prayers: Yes, Not Yet, or I have something better for you.  It’s so true, right?

I love this illustration of how we want to hold on to something so badly we don’t see what He has for us is so. much. better.


We only need to trust.  Are you trusting today?  What is God asking you to let go of?



Isn’t this something we all want?  Control?  We spend most of our days trying to control what happens throughout said day.


We spend all of this time worrying and trying to control our circumstances so we end up missing out on life.  Don’t we??

We try to control our surroundings and our circumstances.

We try to control our careers.

We try to control our relationships.

We try to control others and their actions.

We try to control our running/exercise and goals.

We try to control our health.

We try to control timing of certain events that should be happening.

We try to control our days.

We try to control our lives.  Period.

…but guess what?!  WE are not in control.  Sometimes it’s time to just Let Go and see what happens…It might be better than you planned.

I have been in such a sweet spot.  I have been content with my life.  I knew that the breaking would be coming…I just didn’t know when so I have been enjoying this season of my life.


Tuesday, at Girls on the Run, our lesson was on “Being Grateful” so we each went around the circle and named one thing we were grateful for.  When it got to me, I said “my health”.  This is one thing that I felt like I never take for granted but I guess I was wrong because two days later – I got strep.  Boy, was I wishing I had that health back.  I was couch-bound and miserable for two days but I had a lot of time to think.  I should be more grateful for the “things” I have been given and circumstances I have.  All too often I find myself moaning and groaning about certain circumstances that I am given, rather than just giving thanks and taking it all in stride.


Today, I’m thankful for a loving, forgiving, and gracious God that doesn’t hold grudges.


I’m also thankful for a week off of school for Fall Break!


What about you?  What do you try to control?  How do you fix it?