let’s get real

Ok, it’s time to get real, y’all.  I haven’t been myself.  I haven’t been working out consistently.  I haven’t been eating well.  I just plain haven’t been good to myself.  And that’s just not good.  I debated over writing about this because, frankly, it’s embarrassing.  Most people don’t like to just put themselves out there like this.

Let’s start from the beginning.  I have tendinitis and bursitis in my right knee.  I haven’t ran for almost 2 months and very sparingly before that as I was trying to heal myself.  People who don’t run would always ask me why I did it so much and for so long.  Now, that I can’t, I know for sure that it, for the past four years, has been my happy place and stress relief.  I became an unmotivated person.  Since I couldn’t run… I pouted.  I decided somewhat unconsciously that I just wouldn’t do anything because I didn’t enjoy it as much.

Thankfully, the past few weeks I have slowly but surely been pulling myself to out of my slump and back to the gym.  A devo by She Reads Truth about Naomi really pulled me back to reality.  I hadn’t just been unhappy about my lack of motivation it was also that other things weren’t happening on my time.  Sometimes I forget or choose to ignore that none of this is up to me.  I just have to learn to let go and turn it all over to God.  He’s got my back no matter what.